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What is Stencil?



Stencil is something like a template used for paint something . Is perfect way for quick and easy wall decorating. It often used for paint letter and figure. Stencil is the part of image you cut out.

Stencil is attached to object, a contiguous stencil template is not necessary. Is pressed directly on the object . It can be used to create sharp, detailed image or complex shapes, but is not designed to be used twice or more.

Sections of removed parts are also called islands , islands must connected to other islands with bridges.

it's a great addition to expand your creative card making, tatoo, graffiti and scrapbooking capabilities. The huge options for images and letters to personalize your own creations are unlimited.

If you recently new into stenciling, i said is very fun thing to do . !

At this site you can found thousands of free stencils .


Popular Stencils Categories:


Animal stencil Leaf stencils Umbrella stencils Fairy stencils
star stencils Number stencils Ketupat stencils Food stencils
Sport stencils Alphabet stencils Flower stencils Pumpkin stencils
Halloween stencils Dragon stencils pumpkin carving stencil Photo stencil


All of these you can download for free !

How to use those stencils?


1. First, click 'stencils' option on the top of menu then browse the stencils do you like , second you can also do a Search on Top Right..

2. Click the thumbnail of stencils Image to enlarge.

3. Print off with (ctrl+p) or you can use other method .

4. Re size it by photocopy or other method.

5. Cut out image outline using a exacto knife or other tool.

6. Use them to make any art like tatoo's, Sign Symbol , Box Film, Vector art and more.

Stencil-Workshop Forum


You're welcome to talk,share and contribute something at forum.If you still cannot find stencils image that you looking for you can post request on the Forum.